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We are the leading Brass Arm Back Manufacturer, Supplier and exporter in India;, carry a large selection of brass lamp parts. This unfinished Brass Arm Back returned has 1/8” F openings on its top, bottom, and one side, making it a super arm returned for floor or desk lamps that can support elaborate fixtures above the factor where they connect with an arm. Because it is unfinished, this brass arm back also complements a number of lamp restoration projects which can be meant to bring a rustic, used, or whimsical look.

This is high quality hardware made from (mostly) from solid became brass. Our selection of lamp swivels has been improved to consist of grasp directly swivels for pendant lamps, ratchet swivels for industrial assignment lights, and swing unit swivels for mid-century modern-day lighting. Also, make sure to peer our excellent alternatives of lamp couplings, and spindles, and our brass Arm Back new finishes available in our lamp necks section. Moreover, we offer this Brass Arm Back, Brass Lamp Parts at a very nominal rate to our client.

Key Features of Brass Arm Back

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