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Why select us as your Brass fitting manufacturer in India?

OK Engineers, we are one of the Most Brass Fittings Manufacturer in India and diverse varieties of fittings inclusive of Brass Pipe Fittings, brass plumbing fitting and Brass compression fittings. Brass fittings incorporate a wide range of pipe attachments, flare fittings and threaded fasteners. Due to its super traits hardness, flexibility, durability and rust-resistance threaded brass fittings is broadly utilized in plumbing brass fittings applications, and maximum pipe fittings are available in brass. All the Brass fittings are being manufactured in keeping with the international as well as the countrywide standards.

The brass fittings are made to be had to the customers in diverse unique dimensions. All our brass fittings are of the highest quality with exceptional resistant to any sort of corrosion. So if you are on the lookout for the reliable Brass fitting manufacturer, suppliers in India for your numerous desires like marine application or manufacturing reason or maybe for the chemical processing, you can connect to us.

Key Features of Brass Fittings

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